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Integration is a broad discipline, whether the goal is to consolidate or migrate infrastructure and services, through to B2B integration of datastreams and information between partners. We have experience and expertise with both.

Consolidation and Migration

There are many reasons you may want to consolidate or migrate systems, from streamlining to acquisitions, from cloud migration to data offloading.

It is never wise to replicate systems, unless for load balancing or failover.

We can help you plan and implement a cutover or phased approach to consolating/migrating low-level infrastructure, to mid-level Application services and data.

Business-to-Business Communications

This is our core business, we assist customers with integrating of disparate systems and processes, whether partners, clients or branch offices/workshop/warehousing.

Integration is a powerful tool to allow you to capture the data externally or from internal machinery. By collating and analysing in realtime you can help managers monitor though dashboards, or allow forecasting for logistics and finance, and so much more.

Our integration takes the following form:

Connectivity and Stream:

This can be in the form of APIs (Json Restful or SOAP), FTP & AS400, EDI, SMTP, etc.

It can often be the case that the streamed data needs pre-processing to use due to format or security such as Zip, PGP Encryption, PDF, Excel


We always attempt to transform data to XML where possible so that we can perform Schema checking and ensure the data received is valid and complete.

Once received the transformation processes will not only map data fields but also translate conceptual differences between how the business understands and consume the data, nesting and grouping accordingly.

Logistics and Business Logic:

There are often requirements to conditionally change the data or perform additional triggered events of external systems.


We convert to final formats and encapsulate as required, such as encryption.

Monitor and Forecaster:

Using analysis (and Machine Learning if required) we monitor the multithreaded modules that together form a pipeline, however in addition, we can forecast shortfalls and unexpected data for management dashboards and alerts as required.

Direct Business System 2

Although we can build custom systems for our clients, we have a proprietary pre-build DBS2 product that is designed to schedule and trigger modules as required in the pipeline, allowing you to use single modules for multiple different processes at the same time.

Case Study “Horticulture eFulfillment… 3m+ Orders”

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