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……Providing streamline I.T. solutions

Supply Chain Integration/Direct Business
Linking internal supplier or customer systems together to streamline the ordering & delivery process.

Managed Services, Consultants and IT Support
Offering additional skills and services to current IT manager/helpdesk (from helpdesk to SMTP trouble, firewall security and VPN's).

Integrating with or outsourcing your IT Departments
From managed Infrastructure to fully outsourced I.T. Department with Helpdesk, Project Management and Assistance to streamline your procedures.

Bespoke Applications, Login Scripts and Corporate Websites
Customer/member databases, Room bookings applications adding feature to current systems, XML, Simple solutions (provide us a budget and we will find a solution to fit, from an Excel Spreadsheet to a full Management System).

Managed on-Line Services
Faxing, SMS, Mass Email, Dedicated Servers, FTP, File Sharing and Intranets.